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Women in Construction: Why The Industry Needs More Women?

December 1, 2021

Can you let us know how you picture a construction worker?

Possible characteristics are a yellow hard hat, a bright green or orange safety vest, gloves, goggles, and boots. Is it a man or woman who wears it all?

Construction is viewed as a male-dominated industry, yet; it is changing now.

Today, women are not only welcome in construction but needed.

So, if you are a woman, the construction industry in the Philippines needs you.

Women can succeed in the construction industry in many ways. It is necessary to focus on your own goals.  Remember that as a woman in the construction sector, you will be a role model for many other women. Participating in organizations that promote and support women in construction is a great way to advance your career.

Among the reasons why women should seek a profession in construction are:

  1. Leadership Occasions

Women are great leaders to improve team performance in the construction industry. They can contribute new ideas and for advancing their careers.

  1. Greater Earnings 

Construction and tradeswomen need women as their administrative assistants and childcare workers.

  1. Labor Shortage

The demand for construction employees is predicted to rise to nearly 1.6 million in five years. The construction industry can provide opportunities for women to work in high-paying, stable jobs.

  1. Satisfaction

Building something from scratch is a great feeling. Working in construction makes women feel accomplished and develop a passion for building that shouldn’t be reserved for men.

  1. Capabilities

Women possess skills like teamwork, project management, and technology. These can be transferred to other industries and careers.

How Female Leaders Affect Change?

In 2010, only 7% of construction executives were female, but that number has risen 15% in recent years, the fastest growth of any business. Here are some ways female leaders are transforming the field:

  1. Changing Workplace Values

Female leaders help other women in construction overcome obstacles. They help recruit women, encourage retention and promotion of women, and lobby for improved perks.

  1. Women Mentoring

Female leaders may also be a valuable resource for their peers, inspiring and advancing their careers. So Anna Jacobson of Morley Builders started peer mentoring programs to help their neighborhood.

Renewing Generations

Female leaders inspire a new generation of construction professionals by their presence and successes. Seeing that construction isn’t only a “guys’ career.”

As the construction sector struggles with issues like productivity and labor, more opportunities for women are opening up. It’s not just about equal representation – female executives are changing the sector, and businesses are paying the note.

So, what does it take to lead in construction? Rubicon evaluated the time spent in the construction business to emphasize the success and growth of women in construction.

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