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A steel wire is a versatile wire that a chemical process has galvanized. Galvanization is the process of coating stainless steel wire with a rust-resistant metal, such as zinc. This wire is tough, rust-resistant, and versatile. It's also available in several gauges. The metal wire is a material that can be used in a variety of ways. There are several aspects to consider when deciding which type to utilize, from industrial projects to outdoor art.

Strength and durability are the two fundamental differences between wire materials and composition kinds. For specific purposes, they are choosing between galvanized and stainless steel wire, pulling pressures on the wire. Wire mesh is one of the most commonly used materials in the building. It comes in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and strengths, making it ideal for any building project. Rubicon is a legit supplier of construction supplies in Manila like steel wires.


Barbed wire is a form of steel fence wire with sharp edges or points set at intervals along the strands. It is also known as bobbed wire or bob wire. It is typically used as sharp fencing to keep people from entering a property. A bobbed wire is perfect for making low-cost fences and covering the tops of walls that enclose the secured property. For high-security fencing, it has with razor wire is utilized in conjunction with a chain-link bar. Rubicon has extensive experience producing and exporting Barbed Wire on a large scale. Our products are made from high-quality raw materials. It's an excellent material for power plants, border areas, and companies to meet their fencing requirements. Furthermore, we have a more extensive selection of Barbed Wires in various standards. This product has several appealing qualities, including: High-protection, Anti-corrosive, Defect-free, Low-maintenance design.


GI Wires are extremely durable wired elements. It is made by pulling mild steel into thin sections. Then passing them through a zinc coating gives them a galvanized finish for superior surface shine and corrosion resistance.It is most typically used to make mesh elements, such as fences, gauges, and similar items. It has various sizes, ranging from 0.9 to 4 millimeters in diameter.Rubicon GI wires show a hot-dip procedure far more rust-resistant than any other imported wires and are great as steel bar tie wire.Tie wires are the most frequent name for GI wires. Contact us at 0917-562-8817 for queries and more product details.

Download our catalogue for free!


Download our catalogue for free!