Wide Flange Beams For Building Construction Structure

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Why Should You Use Wide Flange Beams For Building Construction Structure?

April 23, 2022

The broad flange beam is the most common construction material in the Philippines to develop during the design stages of a structural project with your contractors and suppliers. The benefits of broad flanges might be unfamiliar to you if this is one of your first projects.

Wide flange beams are the most commonly available – and with good reason! They are among the most valuable materials because of their structure and mechanical qualities.

Are you interested in finding out more about steel suppliers in the Philippines? If you’re unsure if they’re necessary for your project, keep reading. This post covers all the advantages of wide flange beams so that you may have more faith in this material.

What is a Wide Flange Beam, and what are its uses?

A common structural component is a type of l-beam known as a broad flange beam. The profile of construction materials Philippines resembles the letters “I” and “H,” just like a conventional l-beam.

“Flanges” are the two parallel end pieces that are perfectly flat and smooth. It’s termed a “web” because it connects the two flanges with a central metal rod. The I and H shape is due to this structure.

There are two types of beams: those with narrow flanges and those with broad flanges. They can be as long as the connecting web itself.

Wide Flange Beams: What are the Advantages?

The following are just a few of the many advantages of working with wide flange beams:

Improved  weight distribution

One of the most critical aspects of construction is the proper distribution. It ensures that the weight of your structure. is too much weight in one spot can cause the structure to buckle or shatter. It is critical to ensure that systems are perfect for withstanding all hazards. They must anticipate encountering over their service life to use safely and efficiently.

I-beam suppliers effectively distribute the weight load across a broader region. Your team may now design and build more significant and complex buildings without fear of failure.

Additionally, rolled steel often constructs broad flange beams. Also, it is one of the most robust construction materials Philippines on the market. Having this feature allows it to withstand heavier and larger weights without cracking.

Increased Productivity

In addition to the weight and shape of the beam, wide flange beams have another advantage: Wide flange beams are more energy-efficient than other beam profiles of the same size because they are less in weight.

When compared to other solutions, they use a smaller amount of metal. Wide flange beams are less expensive to make and require less time to assemble. This beam is a highly efficient component because of its better weight resistance and distribution.

They also offer considerable cost savings regarding the materials they have. These two metals, Philippine steel, and aluminum, have the advantages of cost, strength, availability, and machinability. The wider the flange, the higher the structural integrity, and the more resistant it is to the environment and threats like fires.

Sizes are standard.

A standard size chart for wide flange beams makes it easier for designers, builders, engineers, and manufacturers to communicate the sizes and weights required for a given project. Sizing concerns can delay your project if you don’t communicate effectively.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International produced the sizes used in the standardized size chart. Other countries frequently follow these international standards, making it easier to collaborate on projects with people in other countries.

There are two ways to measure a “W” sized beam: the web’s depth and the length of the flange’s flange. Weight per foot is measured in pounds. For example, a wide flange beam with a 12-inch web depth and a weight of 26 pounds per foot may be listed in a metal catalog as W12x26.

Suitable for a Variety of Purposes

As a “universal member,” this beam can be employed in various structures. It’s widely shared in construction because of its low cost and wide applications. And it works well with a wide range of primary and secondary structural components.

This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

It is possible to build temporary support i- beams with wide flange beams. Also, it holds back soil while creating other structures such as walls or bridge abutments.

Structural foundations can brace, frame, or platform structures for support and stability. You’ll see steel supplier Philippines on everything from houses to bridges to parks.

They are also excellent for making walls like sound barriers around highways, walls in a basement, and other structures.

The Big Idea

It’s understandable if you’re concerned about the stability and longevity of wide flange beams for your project. If this is you, reach out to Rubicon Steel immediately! With several years of service, we are the Philippines’ most trusted steel manufacturer. We supply for a range of projects are of the highest quality. Also, we are happy to assist you with yours.

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