Metal Roofing: When To Replace?

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When To Replace Your Metal Roofing

May 11, 2022

Metal roofing Philippines has a long track record of dependability and longevity, and with proper care and consideration, it might survive for decades. It’s not, however, a guarantee that this material won’t wear or tear in the future.

If you want to keep your house safe from further damage, you should be aware of the warning signals that it’s time to repair your metal roof. There are essential things you should check out when it comes to metal roofing.

Old Age is a state of mind.

All steel roofing materials begin to show signs of deterioration at a certain point. Around the 20th or 30th year after installation, this begins to happen to most metal roofs. Contrary to what many manufacturers claim, it is not uncommon for this type of roofing material to only last 20 to 30 years.

Rain, high humidity, high salt air conditions, and more can cause your roof to deteriorate over time.

Degraded Coatings

The majority of metal roofs are coated with waterproofing paint. This provides additional rain and humidity protection, but it is vulnerable to falling debris. Warping and deterioration can occur as a result of temperature changes.

If the paint on your metal roof is chipped, faded, or thinning, it could be rusting. The protective coating has been damaged, allowing the metal to be exposed to the weather. If there is significant damage to the paint, your roof has been compromised. So, replacing the entire roof would be more convenient and cost-effective.

Rust and Corrosion

Metal roofs are frequently painted and protected with a protective coating (and even corrosion) to avoid rust. This seal, however, may not have been applied correctly or may have been damaged in some way. As a result of the exposure, rust may build on your roof.

Corrosion can also occur if your roofing material contains more than one metal. Dissimilar metals (such as copper and aluminum) could cause a chemical reaction if they contact each other. Because of this corrosion, water damage might occur beneath your roof due to leaks.

When there is rust on your roof, you should have it inspected by a professional. You should replace the metal roof if it needs extensive repairs or if too much metal material has been damaged.


In addition to rust, corrosion can also lead to leaks in your roof. Over time, water damage to your roof panels can cause them to distort or become loose, which can lead to additional leaks in your home. A leak is an obvious sign that you need to have one of your roof’s metal panels replaced or repaired.

If you ignore a small leak in your home, it could develop into a much more severe issue. Damage to the materials that make up the structure of your home, the electrical systems that keep it running, and even the growth of mold can be accelerated by roof leaks.

Tears and Punctures

As long as you’ve had metal roofing installed, you’re probably familiar with how stable it is to walk on it. It is possible that the weight to place can damage a metal panel.

Caulking can usually be excellent for fixing these problems temporarily. If your metal roofing has turned many times, it will compromise the roof’s structural integrity.

Damage from Storms

Storm damage is typical in many tropical countries, and if anything falls or hits your metal roofing in a storm, it could cause structural damage to your house. The fact that even minor incidents could necessitate a roof replacement is obvious, but most homeowners are unaware of this.

It’s essential to check your roof after heavy rain and wind to ensure it’s in good shape. It is good to note any dents or scratches to your metal roof and clear out debris.

A sagging roofing structure

Its strength and durability, metal roofing make it rarely sags, but it should raise red flags if it does. It is a sign of a severe problem with the roof and its foundational supports when metal material begins to sag. Immediately contact a professional for an inspection if you notice any part of your metal roof is starting to sink. Roofing repairs or replacements may be necessary if the roof is rotting, rusting, or otherwise damaged.

Shingles That Are Curled or Missing

One can add shingles to some types of metal roofing. Make sure to inspect these if you have them in your home. The condition of the shingles on your roof may indicate that you need to have some of them replaced. Any “curling” or missing parts on your roof cause concern.

It can happen in two ways. Firstly, the metal shingle’s edges separate and turn upward; the second is clawing when the centerpiece of the shingle deforms and goes upward. Heat and water damage can cause leaks in both of these signs.

If you notice that some of your shingles have fallen off, it’s essential to track how many are missing. In most cases, roof repair companies recommend inspecting the area for internal damage if many metal shingles are missing. A long time without these shingles may necessitate replacing the roof and repairing the substructure.

While you’re at it, take a look at your gutters. A buildup of granules, which are pieces of metal shingles that have fallen off, indicates that your roof needs are nearing the end of their useful lif

The most important takeaway.

It’s essential to be aware of the warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace your metal roof if you live in a home with one.

Maintaining the value of your home depends on you as a homeowner being on the lookout and knowing who to turn to for inspections, repairs, and replacements, like the skilled team at Rubicon Industrial. Learn more about our metal products by contacting us here!

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  1. Sagging has been something I’ve noticed lately with our metal roofed house, and I wondered if this was an urgent problem. Reading what you had to say about it makes me believe that we should take this opportunity to get it fixed before it gets any worse. While it’s still early summer, I’ll go and get a roofer to help us out with these replacements.

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