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The Various Types of the Deformed Bar

August 15, 2022

The deformed bar, also known as rebar, is one of the most common construction materials used in structures and buildings. They usually form the foundation of a building. They’re needed to ensure the durability of the structure against the wear and tear that buildings face on a day-to-day basis. We’ve written before that deformed bars have a lot of benefits to their use. 

That said, the deformed bar, being essential in most construction projects, comes in different types too:

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel deformed bars are very common. They’re affordable and available, and you can see them on most construction sites. Also called black bars, they have a high tensile-strength ratio. However, it does suffer from some drawbacks. This type of deformed bar is highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. Thus, it’s not ideal to use in wet conditions or higher altitudes. That said, carbon steel bars are still both sturdy and affordable.

Stainless Steel Rebars

The stainless steel rebar is highly expensive when it comes to the other kinds. This is for good reason – it is so much more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel. It is also much more resistant to damage than the other corrosion-proof rebars. Construction workers and suppliers can bend this on-site if need be. So if you have the budget for it, the stainless steel rebar might be for you.

Galvanized Rebars

A protective layer of zinc coats the galvanized deformed bar. This protects the rebar from corrosive elements when it is reinforcing concrete. Corrosion has difficulty in damaging this zinc layer as well. Also, it is highly resistant to rust. With this in mind, galvanized rebars are great for wet areas. They’re highly durable and are very reliable for your project, although they are a bit more expensive as well.

Sheet-metal Reinforcing Rebars

The sheet-metal reinforcing rebars are used for roofs, stairs, and floor slabs. While certainly not fit to do the jobs of their stronger cousins, they have their own niche when it comes to reinforcing roofs and stairs. However, they’re also susceptible to rust and corrosion, despite the protection that they give towards the aforementioned. 

GFRP Rebars

GFRP rebars or Glass-fiber-reinforced-polymer bars, are one of the most expensive types of rebar available. However, they’re of the best quality. They’re entirely resistant to rust and corrosion. They’re very lightweight, allowing for easier transportation, storage, and application. And even though they’re lighter, they’re also extremely strong, durable, and long-lasting. When it comes to the qualities that rebar needs, they have it all. GFRP rebars are cream of the crop – but they do come with a hefty price!

What to pick is up to you!

There are many other types of rebars to choose from, but these are some of the best you can pick. The types of a deformed bar vary in price, strength, and other qualities, meaning you have a lot of good choices when it comes to your project! 

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