Steel Beams: Different Types Residential Construction

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Steel Beams: Different Types Residential Construction

March 17, 2022

Steel beams arise as a primary building resource for many building structures. It includes residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Accordingly, it is one of the world’s most plentiful resources, with steel products in the Philippines serving as a good example.

For that depend on wood, steel is now more readily available because of the abundance of the material. Presently, house materials which tend to be smaller and use wood as their primary resource, clearly show this.

Recently, there has been a growth in large-scale modern houses in the Philippines. The increasing number of modern houses worldwide is evidence of this material. It is excellent to sustain the structure. Also, it ensures the elements in these steel structures in the Philippines. According to the construction, it’s critical to know what kind of construction materials to use for specific parts of these houses. Several different types of rays are suitable in building house materials. Additionally, it’s essential to know about them.


The W-beam, also known as the Wide Flange material, is one of the most popular local materials in the Philippines. Heavy construction material can compromise structural integrity when combined with light materials. So it is perfect because of its lighter weight.

Steel manufacturer Philippines using this construction supply can complete construction projects quicker and easier. Also, it is simple to weld, rivet, and bolt. The W-beam is a smaller and more accessible version of the standard I-beam. That is why it allows integrating it into building house materials.


In the case of high-rise condominiums, the H-beam is preferable to the I-beam or W-beam. It is because it is longer and heavier. Also, it is the most excellent choice for these enormous structures since a single large pile can support roughly 1,000 tons of weight. So, it ensures the best possible structural integrity. This steel structure in the Philippines is in high demand because of the increasing number of high-rise construction projects worldwide.


For many years, it has been a staple of the structural support of buildings. There is a great demand for steel products in the Philippines.  I-beams and H-beams are often confused because of their resemblance in shape and function. In comparison, I-beams are perfect in industrial projects. Their uses in residential construction are rising due to the growing urban landscape’s need for taller and more resilient structures.

Steel Beam with T-section

The T-section beam is a standard load-bearing section that connects and supports. Multi-level projects can be built to use these construction materials, which allow for the installation of multiple units of I or W-beams in the same area without compromising the structural integrity of the building. There is a strong foundation for the surrounding structures to stand on. Most T-section products rest on steel pillars and beams. Also, it creates an internal layout supported by a balanced steel framework.

Beams with L-sections

In addition, ” L-section steel supplies have legs of different lengths. It gives them their distinctive “L” shape. It is famous for its high strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, this beam is suitable for residential construction projects. These steel structures in the Philippines are in the corners of condominiums and homes enhancing the building’s structural integrity. The clamp-like structure provided by L-shaped beams can also strengthen other building materials. Moreover, it reduces the risk of stress and breaking a massive steel beam.

Beams of Light

C-shaped or channel beams are among the most commonly utilized construction material in residential buildings because of their typical cross-section. This material is ideal for residential construction because it is inexpensive and light, ideal for lighter loads. Using this steel product to cover pillars and panels saves money.


There is always an increase in residential construction projects as the world urbanizes. With more extensive and complex construction projects, it is critical to ensure that it is used in these residential structures are of the highest quality. It will enable more ambitious residential facilities because wood is no longer a feasible primary material for significant projects.

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