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One of the top components of the process infrastructure is the vast network of pipes, which spans millions of kilometers. The network of pipes that transport fluids (such as fuels, chemicals, and industrial gases) throughout an industrial facility involved in producing commodities or the generation of energy is referred to as "process pipework." It can also refer to utility piping systems used in or support an industrial process (for example, air, steam, water, compressed air, fuels, and so on).

Drainage pipe that distributes caustic or hazardous fluids that may be exposed to harsh circumstances and piping that lies just beyond the purview of plumbing legislation are examples of process piping. Chemical and petrochemical factories, petroleum refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and the pulp and paper industries, to name a few, all employ process pipework. Semiconductor plants, automobile and aircraft plants, water treatment operations, and waste treatment facilities, to name a few, all include process pipework.Rubicon is a legit steel supplier of construction materials like pipes, tubes, and more.


GI Corrugated Sheet is a roofing material that is suited for a variety of applications. It's made of hot-dipped galvanized metal that's been cold rolled to create a pattern that improves bending and malleability.Galvanized Corrugated Iron or steel sheets are a lightweight roofing material comprised of thin sheets with corrugations to reinforce them. Grooves, such as waves, significantly boost the lightweight material's strength and stiffness. Without these waves, the metal sheets are fragile and malleable. For shaping, mild steel is used, which is galvanized to strengthen the metal sheets' durability and, as a result, their capacity to endure the elements.Rubicon has served its customers for many years in providing quality steel supplies in Manila and the Philippines.


Galvanized Iron Sheets are thin pieces of treated steel coated in zinc to prevent corrosion. They are proven to be corrosion preventive supplies.Steel sheets that have been zinc-coated are known as galvanized iron (GI). A variety of hot-dip galvanized, and electro-galvanized steel sheets are available. The zinc coating acts as a continuous barrier, preventing moisture and oxygen from entering the steel. It reacts with the environment to protect the base steel.Galvanizing iron sheets are referred to as GI sheets. Galvanizing is a rust-resisting technique for iron. In the galvanizing process, zinc is applied to the iron or steel to prevent it from rusting. Rubicon is fantastic to have a price list of galvanized iron sheets in the Philippines.

Download our catalogue for free!


Download our catalogue for free!