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Plate materials are necessary for line with the material specification and grade specified on the vessel plan or as recommended by the fabricator.Steel slabs, blooms, or billets are rolled into plates and sections at a high temperature until the desired scale or section size is certain. Rolling is a mechanical operation that refines the grain structure of a material and defines its mechanical properties.

The more steel is rolled, the stronger it grows. This effect can be visible in material standards, which show that the minimum yield strength drops as material thickness grows. While rolling increases the power of the steel, it also reduces its flexibility.A plate or wall plate is a horizontal, structural, load-bearing element in wooden construction framing.A plate is a thicker piece of metal rolled into a single sample. Rubicon is the best place to shop for steel construction supplies in Manila.


Checkered plates are known for their raised diamonds or lines on one side to provide skid resistance. It is usually made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.Diamond Plates, also known as Checkered Plates, have a raised surface for exceptional anti-slip performance. They are applicable in various situations, including those exposed to chemicals, dust, and water, among others. These plates can last for a long time before needing to be changed.Rubicon is a legit steel supplier in the Philippines that has a large selection of sizes and stock on hand. We can tailor your need to your preferences.A raised angular pattern rolled onto the plate's surface to increase skid resistance is a checkered plate.Commonly applies for • Walkways • Subways • Car floors • Elevators • Staircases • Industrial constructions.


Also known as "MS Plates," they are used in nearly all products created from steel. It is easy to weld and highly durable but must be painted and sealed to prevent rusting. Mild Steel (MS) Plate is a steel plate used for construction. It is flexible, not brittle, and it is the most common form of steel.The mild steel plate has a low chromium and molybdenum content and low carbon content. It is more weldable and ductile than carbon steel because of the low carbon alloy. In the server's environment, the mild steel plates provide exceptional corrosion resistance.They are perfect for providing concrete cement in a building or other structural works with more strength. It's also popular in the building and manufacturing industries. These Plates are more ductile, weldable, and simple to install than steel plates.Rubicon offers a wide array of sizes and stock availability with regards to construction supplies like MS Plates.Commonly applies for • Automobiles • Road signs • Furniture and ornamentation • Bridges • Ships • Fencing.

Download our catalogue for free!


Download our catalogue for free!