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One of the top components of the process infrastructure is the vast network of pipes, which spans millions of kilometers. The network of pipes that transport fluids (such as fuels, chemicals, and industrial gases) throughout an industrial facility involved in producing commodities or the generation of energy is referred to as "process pipework." It can also refer to utility piping systems used in or support an industrial process (for example, air, steam, water, compressed air, fuels, and so on).

Drainage pipe that distributes caustic or hazardous fluids that may be exposed to harsh circumstances and piping that lies just beyond the purview of plumbing legislation are examples of process piping. Chemical and petrochemical factories, petroleum refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and the pulp and paper industries, to name a few, all employ process pipework. Semiconductor plants, automobile and aircraft plants, water treatment operations, and waste treatment facilities, to name a few, all include process pipework.Rubicon is a legit steel supplier of construction materials like pipes, tubes, and more.


A mild steel compound is used to make black iron. It contains low-grade carbon. The addition of carbon to mild steel can improve its corrosion resistance even more. Galvanized pipes, on the other hand, are protected by a zinc coating.The name "black iron" usually refers to a type of black-coated steel, but there are several other varieties of black iron pipe. They are excellent for handling natural and propane gas, which is typically kept below 60 psi. If installed properly, the standards that black iron pipe must meet guarantee a pressure rating of at least 150psi.Rubicon is a legit steel supplier in the Philippines. They supply "BI Pipes" covered with a dark color from the iron-oxide formed on its surface during manufacturing. Black Iron Pipes fit as pipelines, propane, or natural gas in residential homes or commercial buildings. BI Pipes are also used as fire sprinkler systems because it is more fire-resistant than GI Pipe. 


Galvanized Iron Pipes are also known as “GI Pipes.” These are covered with a zinc material to make the steel pipe more resistant to corrosion. GI Pipes are commonly used as water pipes to homes and commercial buildings and as scaffolding frames because of their corrosion resistance.Galvanized iron pipes (GI pipes) are steel pipes that have been coated with a zinc layer to prevent rusting and extend their life. This protective barrier also protects against corrosion and wear and tear caused by prolonged contact with severe external factors and high indoor humidity. Commonly applies to the following industry?1. The Automotive and Aerospace Industries2. Plumbing3. Solar and wind power4. Agriculture 5. Construction6. Telecommunications. Rubicon is a famous steel supplier in Manila and the Philippines for its product quality at a fair price.Contact us at 0917-562-8817 for queries and more product details.

Download our catalogue for free!


Download our catalogue for free!