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On-demand Steel Plates: Steel Structure in the Philippines

December 15, 2021

Do you know the remarkable advantage in manufacturing plates of stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel? The carbon and nickel contents vary.

Carbon steel plates are notable in industrial and equipment manufacturing. The toughness makes it excellent for production parts. These include shipbuilding, structural, pipeline, and stainless steel plates.

Steel sheets

Steel has three categories:

  1. Low carbon steel contains 0.05-0.3% carbon. Its low carbon content makes it more malleable and ductile.
  2. Medium-carbon steel has 0.30-0.60% carbon and 0.60-1.65% manganese. It is best in shafting and other mechanical components.
  3. High carbon steel has a high carbon content. When the iron is cooled, carbon forms Then, carbon is trapped in the liquid metal by quenching it in water.

5 main types of stainless steel plates:

  1. Austenitic stainless steel is most common. High nickel and chromium content in austenitic alloys prevent corrosion.
  2. Ferritic stainless steels are non-hardenable straight chromium alloys having 10.5-30% chromium and fewer than 20% carbon.
  3. Hard steel crystal structure in Martensitic Martensite. Adolf Martens, a German metallurgist. “Diffusionless” crystal structures are possible through diffusionless transformation 
  4. Austenitic/ferritic stainless steel grain alloy. Iron and austenitic steel grains are two-phase microstructure duplex.
  5. It is a corrosion-resistant alloy that can be heat treated to provide higher tensile. Also, it yields more strengths than standard austenitic stainless steel like 304 and 316.

Steel Plate Types and Uses

Steel products are remarkably flexible for their hardness. So they are excellent to use in steel structures in the Philippines. As a result, its durability and versatility make it a popular material.

Why do people use steel plates?

Steel plates are metal slabs of various thicknesses. These plates can withstand high temperatures and strong materials, making them perfect for industrial applications.

Types of steel plates

Steel Sheets

Mild steel plates are the most generally popular steel materials construction in the Philippines and industries. Also, these steel construction materials are easy to weld, making them a versatile building material. Moreover, it is easy to cut and bend these building materials for steel structures. Thus, these plates are admirable over other types in the construction industry.

Checker Plates

These are normal steel plates with raised geometric patterns on them. In addition, these designs primarily aim to promote traction and comfort. A safer factory means the safer product, truck, and personnel movement.

Sidewalks and walkways with checkered steel plates are best for pedestrian and vehicle safety. It is also abrasion-resistant steel plates simplify maintenance.


To provide strength to steel, it is galvanized in a hot zinc molten bath. That is why Galvanized steel plates work excellently in plumbing.

Zinc-coated steel is more resistant to elements and chemicals than regular steel. Thus, they are ideal for areas with high levels of harsh substances and temperature variations.

BI and GI

They have an extra layer of protection that gives them extra strength and resilience. GI and B.I. are two-sided zinc-coated steel plates. So, this process combines electro galvanizing and dipping molten zinc. Then, the zinc is then charged and applied to the steel. As a result, In the same places as galvanized steel plates.

What To Remember?

Steel plates are in demand in construction, from building foundations to machinery and equipment. So, there is a variety of tasks in the building.

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