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The Qualities of MS Plates

October 5, 2022

MS plates or Mild Steel plates are pieces of flattened steel with many applications in the construction, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Engineers use these structurally and they also come in various sizes and grades. Generally, it is thicker than ¼ inch but it also comes in various sizes. We’ve covered the different uses of steel plates before. Now, let’s find out about one of its variants, specifically – the qualities of mild steel plates.

The qualities of mild steel plates

Engineers commonly use these for structural applications. They may use them to construct buildings, railway stations, bridges, warehouses, and many more. Mild steel plates have a lot of advantages to their use, which are the following:

Variety in size and application

Mild steel plates can vary in size, length, grade, thickness, and even weight. Depending on the project, engineers may need to use multiple sizes of these. Due to this variety in size, they can use these in many different projects.  Building construction, roof construction, shipbuilding, offshore facilities, and even military building or equipment are just some of the places where mild steel plates can feel right at home in. MS plates can be cut, too, allowing for easier use. You can also use smaller pieces for mechanical purposes such as automotive bodywork, security functions such as security steel doors, and aesthetic purposes as well. It’s likely that some of your future projects would require the use of them, too.

Physical properties

One may ask the question as to why MS plates are used so much in so many applications. This is due to their highly favorable physical properties. Mild steel has high tensile strength, meaning it can support large loads. They also have a high shear strength, meaning they can resist forces that cause their internal structure to slide against itself. As mild steel plates are, obviously, made out of steel, they also have high impact strength, meaning it’s difficult to fracture them.

MS plates are also highly ductile, meaning one can drill into them easily without it losing structural integrity. They’re also weldable, allowing for a variety of use for them. Manufacturers may galvanize these to be resistant to corrosion. They may also add other chemical elements to the plate to improve certain qualities. They may improve qualities such as wear resistance, heat resistance, and tensile strength with the addition of these elements. 

Key takeaway

MS plates are construction materials that have plenty of uses due to their qualities. Being made out of steel, they’re highly durable, but due to their thickness and composition, they’re ductile and can be cut into different sizes. These qualities allow them to find plenty of use in different applications and industries – and it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a use for them in your projects, too.

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