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Four Types of Steel Bars Used In Construction In The Philippines

June 20, 2022

Steel bars are an essential part of construction and play a big role in the stability of buildings and other infrastructure. But what do you need to know about steel bars to work with them? This article will provide you with crucial information on the different uses of steel bars, why steel bars are used, and the type of steel bars.

What Are Steel Bars?

A major structure seldom uses only one construction material. In most cases, materials are combined to reinforce one another. Concrete is one of those materials with its limitations, but when reinforced with steel bars, it becomes the best combination of construction materials for any project. That’s why steel bar reinforcement is so necessary for architecture, especially in the Philippines, where earthquakes are a major concern. With steel bars in place, concrete structures can withstand a lot of force and stay standing during an earthquake. 

Picture of ribbed steel bar reinforcement construction ready for concrete casting.

Four Types of Steel Bars Used In Construction In The Philippines

1) Mild Steel Plain Bars

Mild Steel Plain Bars are one of the simplest steel bars, and people have been using them in construction for a long time. Mild Steel Plain Bars have a plain surface, unlike other steel bars with a ribbed structure. They also have less tensile yield strength, which is around 40000psi.

Small building projects that do not require a lot of steel strength usually use this steel bar. They are also cheaper, making them the best option from an economic standpoint.

2) Hot-Rolled Deformed Bars

Hot-rolled deformed bars are a type of steel bar that is commonly used in reinforced concrete structures. This type of steel has high tensile strength (around 60000psi) and can be used for all types of construction. The manufacturing process, called holt rolling, causes deformities on the bar’s surface, called ribs, creating a stronger bond with the concrete.

3) Prestressing Steel Bars

Prestressing steel bars are made differently than other kinds of steel bars. In this process, the steel bars are modeled as strands. When deployed together in a construction frame, they provide pre-stressing action. Prestressing steel bars are made of multiple wires and typically have 2 to 7 wires. They provide a tensile strength in the range of 250000 – 270000 psi, which is very strong. This makes it possible to prestress concrete even after it has been weakened, for example, by short-term or long-term damage.

4) Cold-worked Steel Bars

Cold-worked steel bars are reinforced steel that you can get by further processing hot-rolled bars. This process happens when you take the hot-rolled bars and make them go through a cold working process at room temperature. This is where the bars will twist and be drawn, reducing their ductility. This type of metal is used for projects that focus on fixing low tolerance and straightness.

The different steel bars are there for you to choose from. One of the most popular ones is hot-rolled deformed steel, which is the best choice for most projects. The other types of steel bars have specific purposes.

Steel bars are used in different industries throughout the Philippines. 

They are regarded as just another steel bar to most people, but there’s much more to it. Hopefully, the information presented in this article will assist you in selecting the right steel bar for your project.

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