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Rubicon Steel is Changing the Gender Stigma in the Philippine Construction Industry

November 21, 2021

Inclusive growth of economic and social development advancement must create more job opportunities. And it also calls for decent work for women. 

The construction industry has its tendencies to disregard women’s economic and social contributions. You may see it in the home, the workplace, and the community. Yet, we have great strategies to go against gender discrimination. Our goal is to promote equality.

It is estimated that men make up 99 percent of construction site workers. According to a union report, more than half of the women as construction workers have less opportunity compared to men.

What steps does Rubicon Steel take to make that happen?

  1. Shifting The Judgments

We are changing the idea of building and construction as a male-only profession. Although, there’s a low participation rate of women. Thus, we commit to changing individuals’ approaches on this issue.

  1. Retention of Employees

The first step to address the gender gap is to encourage more women to enter the construction industry. Yet, it is a challenging task to keep women in the industry. Many women in the construction business have legitimate worries. They think about sexist remarks, inadequate restroom facilities, and ill-fitting clothing. So, we implement new standards to give the best for them.

  1. Promote a Diverse Trained Women Workers

Honestly, construction has a wide range of job opportunities available in different locations. This industry is one of the most diverse industries in the Philippines. 

Women can find unlimited job opportunities in the industry. It doesn’t matter if they’re a math prodigy, a creative thinker, or both; there’s a place in the industry for them

As soon as they’re working in construction, the choices accessible to them are endless. Thus, Rubicon construction firms are advertising this massive variety to our workforces. So, when women employees desire to travel and learn about new things, we can provide that opportunity.

Even though it sounds unusual, a company’s most valuable asset is its people. Many of the most successful companies rely on a valued and motivated workforce. Then, the 

  1. Encourage and assist in the advancement of one’s career.

The construction industry is no exception. Thus, we find it easy to keep them if we enhance their skills in the market. 

Companies make significant progress toward attracting and retaining top employees. We do it by empowering each individual. One of our goals is to shape their futures and advance their careers. 

Moreover, companies will be more successful in encouraging employees, particularly women. Our purpose is to reach their full potential in the industry. So, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities. We build a framework for personnel development. 

Additionally, we assist them in :

  • improving technical
  • interpersonal
  • problem-solving
  • and, decision-making skills.
  1. Encourage the use of women role models.

Aspiration is essential to motivate and launch change. Rubicon steel company in the Philippines is passionate about achieving this goal.

We promote environmentally friendly practices in the industry. Besides, we raise public awareness of the issue.

Sustainable development and environmental awareness are critical to the construction industry’s future. That is why we are leading the drive to transform our old practices so that those who want to work in construction will have more opportunities than ever. 

As they see, it’s great to see a positive impact on the environment. Although it’s difficult to encourage women in construction, we work on it. According to studies, environmental values are more important to women than to men. Moreover, environmental protection is critical to women, their families, and future generations.

  1. Placements for Work Experience Are Accessible

Yet, the misrepresentation of women in construction is more than an issue of gender equality. The consensus is that construction firms must be more creative when hiring and retaining employees. It is because of the skills shortage. So, we believe that more work placements are an excellent way to attract bright young minds to the industry. Also, it is a start of change for easy recruitment.

  1. Taking the Lead in Management

Effective management necessitates a wide range of skills. One of which is leadership. The concepts of leadership and management are distinct but intertwined.

Most women in construction leadership positions saw themselves as democratic leaders in case studies. We thought that women leaders must be more supportive and understanding. Furthermore, the majority of them expressed great confidence and satisfaction with their leadership roles. Also, they are capable of significant contributions to their businesses. 

Women do not have any issues with their leadership skills. Regardless of their gender, we firmly believe that women have certain advantages and talents. That is why they are more suited for leadership positions, such as better communication skills.

Final Thoughts

We believe that regulations and guidelines are helpful to encourage more women to work in the Philippine construction business. Construction companies of all sizes must push for and begin change. 

This innovation requires employees at all levels of the organization. It aims to recognize the importance and value of gender difference. It also requires businesses to identify potential and support career development. So, we urge companies to bridge the pay gap and offer women equal opportunities as men. Most importantly, it requires a shift in attitude.

Of course, it works better if we provide them:

  • genuine opportunities for career advancement
  • increasing the availability of work placement positions
  • championing sustainability
  • highlighting staff achievements
  • improving working conditions
  • increasing staff retention rates
  • and, promoting a modern image of the industry will benefit everyone.

As one of the leading construction suppliers in the Philippines, we commit to boosting the industry. A big part of this motivation is to see women as capable as men so, they deserve every opportunity that we have.

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