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Rebar is a steel bar. It is used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry constructions. Also, it is to strengthen and help the concrete under tension when massed as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel. The compressive strength of concrete is muscular, while the tensile strength is low. Rebar significantly improves the structure's tensile strength. 

Carbon steel is one of the most common types of rebar. It is made up of hot-rolled circular bars with deformation patterns. Stainless steel and glass fiber, carbon fiber, or basalt fiber composite bars are also widely available. The steel reinforcing bars are also accessible in epoxy resin. It is designed to survive corrosion in various environments, including saltwater and on land. Bars can are available in various forms: -Round ,Square-twisted,-Ribbed, Stretched, twisted, and ribbed, Ribbed and twisted.


It is called the "L-Bracket." It is made of galvanized steel used as the ideal support for beams. They also provide extra strength, protection from corrosion, and stability in the structure.A n angle bar is excellent to construct supported corners and outside rims in steel part fabrication and production. These rims and hubs are suitable on a variety of surfaces and walls. Welding or drilling fastening these bars is perfect for almost any surface using easy procedures. Angle bars are a material that is applicable in a variety of ways. Bridges, cable towers, power towers, and various other structures can all be supported by them. These are popular to offer structural support to increase a structure's strength and stability. It commonly applies for • Construction • Communication Towers • Support • Fencing Post.


Chanel bars fit the framework or foundation of a building. They act as the skeleton and principal support. These are also known as heavy-duty purlins since they are best for large constructions.Channel steel bars are the primary structural support for a building or structure. It works best in machinery, transportation, construction, and structural support. It has a smooth surface finish and is extremely strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They are applicable in all types of manufacturing projects exposed to the elements, including freshwater, acidic chemicals, and saltwater.Rubicon has provided quality construction supplies in the Philippines for many years.


It is also known as "DRB" or "Rebars," is concrete rebar with a rough surface for improved cement/mortar bonding. Deformed bars are steel bars that have been bent and utilized as a skeleton for concrete buildings. They're used to provide a structure its sturdiness. It's straightforward to set up and use. A deformed bar is concrete rebar with a rough surface that aids in cement or mortar bonding. It is a steel bar with a surface protrusion used in reinforced concrete to improve bond strength.Steel bars with protruding ribs and straight strips on the surface that help to enhance the bonding between concrete and steel bars and generate a strong pull between steel bars and cement are known as reinforced steel bars. It's perfect for high-strength reinforced concrete structures such as dwellings and large systems. The most common lengths are 10 and 12 meters. However, custom lengths are possible to match the customer's demands. It commonly applies to walls, small concrete canals, and structures of construction.


Flat bar steel is with a rectangle section. It is either applicable as a hot rolled finished product or billet cut from the plate. Flat Bars applies in frames, braces, and gate linings.Flat bars are versatile metals that excel in a wide range of industrial and architectural settings. They work best as support braces. Cut, weld, shape, replace, and support them in any location or structure is simple. A rectangular piece of steel is known as a flat bar. It's offered as a billet cut from a plate or as a hot-rolled finished product. Flat bars fit in frames, braces, and gate linings. Rubicon helps constructors and home buyers with quality construction supplies in several different sizes.


A plain round bar has a smooth surface that perfectly tangless in concrete slabs and other infrastructure applications.Round bars are used in various applications, including pump shafts, scaffolding, and cold drawing. In some circumstances, they're also applicable as fasteners. Pre-finished metal objects with a circular base that are thick and pre-finished are known as round bars. Bar stocks, also known as round bars, are frequently used in applications that need shafts or rods. They are available in a range of diameters, from 14 inches to huge 24-inch thick stocks for heavy-duty applications. Rubicon is trusted for round steel bar prices in the Philippines for quality construction supplies at a lower price.


Square bar is made from very high-quality raw material, which ensures high durability at its user end. These steel square bars are comprehensive finds their applications in various and commercial sectors.Square Bars are constructed from high-quality raw materials, ensuring long-term durability at the user's end. Sizes of square bar range from 10 mm to 50 mm.Square bar is a raw, pure metal with a wide range of construction and building materials applications, thanks to its durability, corrosion resistance, and high strength. Grill fencing, fabrications, technical components, window grills, and water and fuel tank construction are just a few of the applications.Square bars are commonly utilized to make the foundations of skyscrapers more sturdy and robust. They offer excellent strength, toughness, and rust resistance.Most Applicable to • Furniture • Machine Parts • Industrial and Construction applications. Rubicon is a legit square bar steel supplier for constructions supplies.

Download our catalogue for free!


Download our catalogue for free!